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Best lighting automation Kerala

Mixkraft is the best lighting automation in Kerala, Kochi. We are the official partners of Lutron and Hogar in Kerala,Kochi, Trivandrum. We are the best lighting automation system integrator with lutron and hogar brand. Channel partner of lutron which is best lighting automation in kerala

Turned off with your old school lighting system? Now revolutionize your home with a fully automated and energy-saving light control solution from Mixkraft’s US-based authorized channel partner Lutron. Control the next big thing at your fingertips with lighting automation, curtains automation and AC control with the inventor of the best light dimming solutions. Lutron’s engraved backlighted keypads, compact and aesthetic design provides the convenience of operations to all three generations in a house.

Well, who needs a helping hand when you have your own smart assistant to push the buttons for you? Lighting automation, HVAC and shade solutions are the key contributors to your perfect smart home. It will bring out the true definition of home automations. Best lighting automation, shade levels and the temperature levels within a single room or throughout your home using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, tabletop control, iPad, iPhone, Android devices through voice command assistants like Alexa and Google home. 


HVAC equipment integrates temperature control with the RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks system. Program your thermostat schedule using the mobile application for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and on Android devices. It communicates with upto 4 radio power saver temperature sensors and multiple temperature wall controls via the Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology. MyRoom prime is the Lutron’s hospitality solution.

By integrating technology with an environment friendly approach, Lutron systems help you use the right amount of light, reducing electricity usage and extending bulb life. These eco-home products from the brand make you save energy without sacrificing your comforts. Shading solutions from Lutron assist to optimize daylight inside your home by adjusting heating and cooling systems any time; even while you are away from home, saving on your energy usage. These systems also protect furniture, fine art, rugs and wood surfaces from the suns’ UV rays. It adjusts the perfect amount of light for your cozy space. Mixkraft is the authorized channel partner of Lutron in Kerala