Hospitality Solutions

Treat your guests to a surprisingly fashionable room with the brilliant range of hospitality solutions from Lutron with Mixkraft. Their standard standalone solution known as Lutron myRoom prime and high end IBMS or hotel management system solution known as Lutron myRoom plus solutions are specifically designed high performance and budget requirements. 

Make your guests feel comfortable with Lutron’s light and shading control solutions to set up the right mood, whether its sleep, play, dining, working and simply relaxing. This high end technology delivers significant savings and an enhanced guest experience.

All of Lutron’s light control solutions are designed with the principles of sustainable energy use, cost reduction and with ease of use and design. Let your guest get comfortable walking into a room where lights and shades automatically adjust to a predetermined welcome scene. With these control solutions guests can adjust lights, shades and temperature with a single touch. The system can utilize Guest Presence Detection to save energy by turning the lights off when a room is unoccupied or initiate HVAC setbacks when a room is unsold. The best lighting control system will enhance your place to attract large conferences and meetings